My Work

The focus of our work together will target strategic decision making with high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity. These projects required my engagement to range from a half day workshop to a full team emersion.

How do you know what's right for your team or organization?  We'll work together to figure it out. I recommend we start with a small engagement, like a half day workshop on leading innovation or leading collaboration. 

Below are examples of the ways I've helped teams lead innovation in the face of uncertainty, volitility and ambiguity. 


Interim Leadership Role


I joined a leadership team that built a mobile app with tremendous potential. Like most mobile app or tech focused innovation it lacked a clear strategy on how to deliver, create and capture value. My mandate was to help the executive team find a positioning that resonated with the market, update the features to align with that new positioning, and create a model that captured the value created by the new tool.


  • Acquired the first paying customer in a half a year.
  • Created a compelling strategy that resonated with multiple stakeholders. 
  • Working with developers to align the feature set with the positioning and potential of the tool.
  • Developed a strategy to grow and scale a successful business model.  


Innovation Leadership Workshops

Workshops are an amazing tool to align stakeholders, deepen team collaboration, learn new techniques, and accelerate teams forward.


I've Facilitated Workshops and Trainings on the following topics:

  • Design Thinking Methodology.
  • Insights Generation.
  • Ideation/Prototyping. 
  • Leading Innovation.
  • Intrapreneurship and Entrepreneurship Process.
  • Team Collaboration. 

Sprints and Innovation Projects

I have designed, led, and tackled the following strategic challenges using design thinking, customer insight, and human centered design:

  • Provided market insight on for executive decisions to be made on supply chain initiatives for a billion dollar private held clothing company. 

  • Developed a deep understanding of the market to help the C-Suite of a med-tech company evaluate a merger and acquisition opportunity.
  • Created a product sprint methodology to increase customer loyalty for a national retailer.
  • Helped a Fortune 100 tech company develop a new strategy to revive a struggling technology.
  • Help a insurance company to create a new customer centric orientation to deliver healthcare insurance that matters to people. 


  • Increased employee engagement.
  • Deepened relationships with customers.
  • Created an environment of collaboration and creativity.
  • Developed leadership capacity for internal innovation.
  • Helped prioritize limited resources for maximum impact.
  • Created new revenue and market opportunities.